This Just In: 
 It's   time  to  Block    Party!

Summer of HYPERlocal!

SoHl's free community resources help you connect with your neighbors and have the best time doing so!

+ bonus content for our volunteer partner team's locale, Kitsap Peninsula & Thereabouts (KPaT)!

The thing is, come out, give love to your neighbor. Everyone you meet, give love, let them know who you are. LEROY WILLIAMS

Before the previous block party, people didn’t communicate. People were judgmental of each other. After the first one we became one big family. PAUL PADARAT

Neighborly block parties are the best.

Two ladies in wheelchairs play an awesomely huge game of Connect 4 at a party.

Connect. For Real.

The power of parties is in the people. Sensory experiences that break down walls, write shared memories in our minds and build strong connection foundations. Block parties bring neighborhoods together, for good.

Party group in low lit gazebo. People are playing guitar, singing along, etc.

Forget hassle. Just Party.

No need for going out pants. No prepping or driving. No  lines or $$$. Just walk out the door and into a great time with the people closest to you, every day.

Older lady in sparkly blazer and cool glasses opening her arms wide and grinning big. Owning her party!

Choose Your Own Adventure.

There is no wrong way to block party. From simply sharing driveways, good music and BYO everything to epic blow-outs with bouncy houses and performers, block parties are best when bespoke. Share your favorite flavor of party with the neighborly crew. Get to know theirs, too.

Use SoHl's free resources to help your block party be The Best for your block.

SoHl blast your block party rocket with clouds and little dancing here person riding along.

Rocket fuel your block party!

SoHl's free contest for block party and neighborly connections help!

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