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Unblock your block party!

Coming 2022: The Summer of HYPERlocal (SoHl) app will help you reach out, coordinate & keep in touch with neighborly partiers!

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From starting things up to shutting down a street, there can be a lot of bits and bytes involved in even a simple block party.

The SoHl app helps you get from plan to poppin’ with as little friction and administrative overhead as possible.

The SoHl app is a fabulous Work in Progress, just like your party.

SoHl's rollouts will give you the following fancy features for your fun:

R1 - It's the people!

SoHl R1 will have a minimum viable product (MVP) approach – Alongside developed core features we'll get a templates-based option for most into your hands as quickly as possible.

Map out your neighborhood, populate it with easy to invite invitees and set up your neighborly profile plus random party group with R1 SoHl.

R2 - It's the prep!

R2 will be slicker – packed with more automation to smooth out your planning.

From setting party details to signing up and managing volunteers, SoHl's smooth and simple R2 party planning features will help your street make your party POP!

R3-R4 - It's the party AND the community!

R3 is all about party time and post.

Cycle performers with ease, swap around schedules, do crowd control and more at party time. Post party, have help managing your volunteers and keeping in touch with your new crew.

Features Status

Prefer paper or just like the back up? Check out the printables, sign designs and more at our designs page.

You can throw another block party (with a slightly different interface, and better features), host a potluck or game night or just have an easy neighborly hang with Joelio!

A Very Short SoHl APP FAQ

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Yes, this app is FREE.

Our partners are both non-profit and for-profit. We share the common social impact purpose of connecting neighbors and local communities. We are determined that cost will not keep anyone from easier partying with their people. To that end, this app, developed by our partner, Web42, is freely available.

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No, you are not the product.

We do not keep your profile data anywhere. You keep it on your device.

We are starting with some connections to ubiquitous services that do trade on your digital self, like Google sheets. As the app develops, it will be as fully weaned off of data snarfers as possible.

We do not sell data and design to keep as little of it as we can. Our ethos: More data to maintain? Eew. Plus, you own you.

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Yes, we would like a cuppa. Thank you!

While free to you, the work, from the site to the contest help to the app and beyond is not free for us to do.

We appreciate any tokens of appreciation, caffeinated fuel, etc. you might like to pass our way.

[Ko-fi donations link coming soon]

Ready to party with some SoHl?

Now accepting waitlist requests!
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Email neighborly (at) web42 (dot) io if issues persist.