Guides to Block Party Bliss

Ready to get started and want a little guidance? Look no further!
Our guides will help you take your block party from just a dream to your neighborhood's fave flavor of blissful bash!

Start things up!

Planning with the Block

  • Resource the thing. Coming soon. All around you are a million (or at least a dozen) faces. They have hands, stuff, skills, space and more. Recruit resources!
  • Squad Style! Coming soon. From centrally commanded to fully decentralized, there are a lot of ways to arrange a neighborly squad. Here are a few top options.
  • Get the plan down. Coming soon. What's the haps? As is your flavor of party apt, set your schedule, party map and other finalization bits.

Poppin' Party

  • Stone Soup. Coming soon. Overall guide on making stone soup style events with ingredients (food, equipment, skills, etc.) sourced from everyone work smoothly
  • Kick things off. Party Time! How to get things revved up!
  • Keep up the flow. From the simple to the MC'ed, long form parties can use a little pump from time to time. Here are some ideas for keeping the flow going!

Post Party

  • Wind it down. All good things must come to end. Some tips for wrapping the night smoothly.
  • Post Party Perfection. Tactics, from plan to post, to help make sure help sticks around and post party time goes smoothly.
  • Stay connected. Coming soon. Awesome times were had! How do you ensure that you and your hyperlocal crew don't drift back apart while living close by? Some ideas for staying connected IRL.

Check these other routes to neighborly fabulousness out!

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