The Why of the Block Party

Because the best series ever is reaching finale. Because it’s national purple socks day. Because it’s a new life, a new day and you are feeling good!

…Or just because.

Just about any reason or non-reason you can come up with to get your nearest and maybe soon to be dearest people to come together and par-tay is a great answer.

  • It’s real-life, full sensory fun! We all need as much of that as we can crunch into our often-limited schedules.
  • We’ve all been holed up for a freakin’ year and NEED to get out of the house – but maybe aren’t that keen about getting back out into traffic, crowds and all that goes with it. This makes neighborly shin-digs even more on-point right now.
  • No matter the worldly context, community connections build best on shared experiences. And few experiences are better builders than those opportunities that encourage to let your hair down, break some proverbial bread and while away some chillaxed hours with people you will see again soon.

Beyond the Blast

The modern block party probably has its roots in 70s’ era NYC, but people have long gathered together in temporary neighborly village spaces to celebrate new people, old traditions and just being together. As our own Danny D’Onofrio notes, “They're a liberating way to instantly make a community feel more connected. When neighbors reclaim their street for a day, the atmosphere changes forever; acquaintances become friends, and friends become family.”

Sharing hyperlocal experiences means breaking down barriers and building trust with those geographically closest to you.

These neighborly roots of trust have POWER beyond the blast. Finding a fab spot for a get-together may mean discovering awesome spaces for on-going village connection points. Plus, from care circles to resource sharing to work parties and more, you and your neighbors are the best IRL (in real life) everyday and exigent networks possible.

So, what’s stopping you? Whether for immediate fun or long-term betterment, blast off to build together!

Ready to go?

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