Sohl's big (but not that bigol' guide to block parties
++ Bonuses for Kitsap Peninsula & Thereabouts (KPaT)!

Keep that party flow going!


Parties can ebb and flow and not really skip a beat - but if the lull lasts, they can fizzle out long before close. Here are some tips to keep things flowing!

How cool it is when we find connections and facets of a party that keep us totally engaged!  The prime objective; a party for all the senses of the WHOLE block!


People gravitate to beats. Have music or other summery sounds (chimes, sound bowls, etc.) going in every area, geared to the activities and audience expected. Maybe soft, low and in tune with nature for a R&R space on soft grass under shady trees with pillows and towels for chatting and chilling. Maybe high-energy and full of positivity for a dance space in the cul-de-sac. Maybe the whole event has a cohesive sound theme, and everyone drops their own version of that in the space they decorate. Whatever your block’s sound-scaping style, wherever people go, the sounds of your spaces can help the flow.

Tastes and Smells

Food is a powerful fueler of flow. It gives people something to talk about (or to shove in their mouths and be better listeners), fills breezes with mouthwatering and memory making scents, and can even be part of activities and events. Food fuel sour bods and keeps us in the moment, happy to keep partying on. It connects us like few other experiences can. Have food (and easy access to trash bins and restrooms) at the ready to bring the party to life, draw your people together and keep the party poppin’ for as long as your crew wants it to.

Touches, Minds and Visuals

Setting up on-going activity spaces means the party has something for people to get their hands and minds into. It gives neighbors a chance to share skills and even get makery and magical together.

Events bring all the neighbors to the yard! From cook-offs and bake-offs to live performances and movies, having set times for easy breezy things to coalesce round keeps people engaged and builds shared memories.

Check out our other guides and 15 Ideas for the Best Block Party for mo’ flow and mo’ help!

Accessibility note: To be best for all your guests, make sure that tables, seating, restrooms and more accommodate your neighborly needs. Any reasonably accommodatable food requirements? From kiddos to homebound to wheelchairs and more, keep known special needs in mind in your décor and feast designs to bring the whole neighborhood together. More on this in our accessibility primer.


Know anyone who just connects people, lights up a room, or just has an unobtrusive way of just knowing that little bit of something people need and helping them get it? Sign them up! Have a party livening crew! Fill itwith people who just get people or who are working to do that and are ready to work the space… showing where things are, bringing smiles, gravitating people towards activities and the best people for them to chat with, and more. Check out our sign-up sheets and SoHl app for some help signing people up.

The SoHl app will help even more by bringing people together in random groups and supporting their building group identities for some automated party livening!

Scheduling the Flow

Considering short, pre-scheduled events someone can come to watch or participate in?  Here's a simple and sweet example schedule that you can use for inspiration! 

  12noon:  Brunch!  

                 Hosted by the Smith's

                 Bring a plate!

   2pm:  Jump Rope Contest 

                 By the swings

                 Sign up 1:30

   4pm:  Talent Show!

                 @ the Revolujah Stage!

                 Sign up at 3:30

   6pm:  How Low Can You Go Limbo!

                 @ the other Smith's House

                 Bring your own stick

   8pm:  Every Party Has To Have A Conga Line!!!


PSA: Remember, your unique passions and skill sets are what makes YOUR block unique!  Host flowy awesomeness like your favorite craft-zone or tea party, BBQ, workshop and yoga hour. But please be mindful of the mess you'll make. Be considerate of your block party volunteers! Some keeping clean up easy tips can be found at our Post Party Perfection guide.




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