Sohl's big (but not that bigol' guide to block parties
++ Bonuses for Kitsap Peninsula & Thereabouts (KPaT)!

Post Party Perfection


Hopefully, your block’s hand dandy bins located all around the space take care of most trash clean-up for you. However, some misses will happen and, no matter what, décor and supporting elements need to make it back to their respective homes or onto new ones. Here are some strategies for making sure that no one is left holding the proverbial bag and everyone wants a repeat.

Simplicity Wins

If you do a BYO everything and totally laid-back affair with every fam having their own space for coolers and seating, keeping clean-up running smoothly may be as simple as having bins at hand and a pack it back out rule of the day.

However, for a lot of parties, like those with shared cookout and similar spaces, it might take at least a skosh more.


Sign-ups with back-ups!

As you get people excited and build up your awesome party prepping squad, make sure a good array are signed up for clean-up, both during and after the big event. Many hands make light work and help make sure you aren’t caught in the lurch. Check out our printable sign-up sheets and the SoHl app to help.

Prep to pack it out promptly.

From BYO it all to coordinated affairs, make sure that anything planned for the party has a home to go back to. Sign people up to not just take their own stuff, but as hungry for leftovers, open to homing stray decor, etc.

If only needed for some of the party (e.g. event items, décor for spaces that close down before the event does, etc.) have bins, labels and helpers set to bin and put items to the side as the party progresses. Keep work minimal as things wind down.

Pay it forward while packing it out.

If your neighborhood is in the mood to give, consider setting up a party time extras donation run with 1 or 2 helpers. Have some items and bins, maybe any extra donation safe food, etc. set to the side to pass on. Feel good for the fun, for the connections, and for the give!

All hail the overseer(s)!

Keeping clean up in check while not impacting the fun can be a difficult task, unto itself. If you have helpers who live to organize, see if 1 or 2 would take on the task of overseeing the on-going and final clean-up and pack-outs.


Wrangle your herd.

Now that the party has popped!, it will be tempting for most to just head straight for home. Before that happens, maybe a little before the party has completely wrapped, get a helper or 2 and get your clean-up crew called in. The SoHl app can help with this.


Clean up can feel like a thankless job. Get creative with incentives. From simply remembering to say thanks to badges (like those the SoHl app can help with) to special muffins to gift cards and more, there are a lot of ways to show the neighborly appreciation. What motivates your nearest people? Use this opportunity to find out! Favor the carrot over the stick and build a solid, happy team for now and projects to come.

Last pass.

Make sure the space you all choose is likely to be open again by doing a collective last pass before calling it in. If there is a lot of lawn or similar ground that hides spills, squad up in a grid like formation about arm lengths apart and move around in grids, doing eye and hand sweeps around each area.




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