Sohl's big (but not that bigol' guide to block parties
++ Bonuses for Kitsap Peninsula & Thereabouts (KPaT)!

Set your initial Party Parameters


What/When/Where? Get those initial thoughts down.

All right! You are focused! You are primed!
You are ready to throw an epic shin-dig with the neighbors!

...When is good? How glowy/laid-back/centered on D&D/etc. should it be? Where can it even happen?

You don't have to have the final answers to these questions right away - BUT before you go around, polling other people, it pays to have a well-thought out 1st set.
Keep confusion low, reduce your work - AND help enthusiasm get high quickly!

So... what might factor into that?

What: Themes & Stuff

First and foremost: What do you like? What do your people like?

Games, movies, sports, My Little Pony? Glow party, camp out, chill hang with just some coolers, music and seats? 0 wrong answers.
Just think about whatever you do know about you and those around you to decide what activities, decor, food, etc. seem like a good starting point.

Then, Reel it In - While Keeping it Fun

What kinds of spaces will be must haves - seating, kid spaces, alcohol gardens, etc.?

Checking out your ideas so far, what's the resource profile looking like?

This list talks some fun ideas, sorted by likely effort.

When: Timing

What else is happening?

Like many areas, ours in the Puget Sound is getting up and running again. A lot of events are staying canceled, but many are back on. Check your local sites like, for Kitsap County, Experience Kitsap, Visit Kitsap, Events of Kitsap County plus holiday calendars and around with the neighbors to make sure your to-do doesn't conflict with a big 'do (or is themed on-point and your people want a hyperlocal holiday!)

Who are your audiences?

Are most people in your immediate neighborhood most likely to be home on weekends, free on school days, open to night events, etc.? Pick some days and times that are most likely to work for the who's you are targeting for the fun. Consider any special accessibility needs as you develop your plans.


Ok. Here in the Puget Sound, we have AHHMAZING summers. For us, probably this will be NBD. However, wherever you are check out forecasts and think a bit about temperatures during the weeks you are considering. Make sure it jives with the experience you want to share with your neighborly peeps.

Permit Requirements

If you are shutting down a street for your party, there's a good chance your area requires a permit and a bit of a heads up for the review. In some places, regardless of street shut down a permit is preferred/required - and, in places around the Kitsap Peninsula, as in many areas, this process can take awhile (10[Bremerton]-90[Poulsbo] days.) Check out Make it Official for KPaT permit links and some details. This could make or break your location choice, and so it's good to get a read on this before getting people's hearts set on a space!

Where: Location, location, location!

When picking a location or few, the world is your immediately accessible oyster. Walking around your street, what locations stand out for hang outs?




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