Sohl's big (but not that bigol' guide to block parties
++ Bonuses for Kitsap Peninsula & Thereabouts (KPaT)!

Make it official


Go you!

You and your crew are block building machines! You've started the thing, reached out, and the people are ready to Par-tay!

What next?

Finalize the Deets

What/when and where? Now that your crew has everyone's input, make the final call.

Permits, get'chur permits here!

We've compiled a nifty sheet of links to area block party permits, etc. for Kitsap Peninsula & Thereabouts (KPaT).

Check em' out, get your deets together, and get your permit request (if needed) in!
Timelines can be 10-90 days. So check this out asap!

If outside of KPaT, especially if taking over any public roads or spaces, be sure to search for your own area's special event/ block party permits. (You might even find some fun grants and resource programs, such as those listed at some of the links below!)

Get the Word Out and Keep it Out There

Your neighborly squad has party buy-in, plans and your permits are known/processing.
Let the whole street know when to save the date, where to show up and what to bring - and do it a few times if the party's a ways away.

Check out our in-app features plus flyers and save the date notes to help you out!

Pro-tip: Provide reminders within a month and then a week of your date.
             Don't just drop these in mailboxes. Paint-safely tape them to doors.

The Block Party Permits of KPaT




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