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We are a community building project packaged as a modern take on the Prohibition Era medicine show. We put on shows to bring out locals! Doing workshops, resources & art to explore + share our 3 E's: Education, Entertainment & Empowerment.

Interested in the Medicine Show Biz or simply local community building through performance/performance support? There are a million ways to participate with the Revolujahs! Let's talk and see what suits you best!

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Web42 helps real local lives connect better.
More smoothly & neighborly. More privately & securely. More off-screenly & inclusively.

We happen to use bleeding-edge tech that puts you in the digital driver seat to do that.

Right now, we are super-psyched about our upcoming beta, for Joelio!

Joelio helps you make 3 close friends within a 5 minute walk.

You've learned about the connection magic of neighborly parties. Grow that magic everyday with Joelio!

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Kitsap Resiliency Project
Kitsap Resiliency Project

Mission: To create a foundation of resilience in Kitsap County that will benefit all of its residents and provide the ability to recover from any hardship.

Patron is where the majority of the materials are hosted, we will be adding posts, podcasts, articles and workshops weekly.

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Why are we doing this?

Our KPaT home-based organizations are all dedicated to neighborliness and community resilience, everywhere (with an immediate focus in KPaT.) We think this starts with people actually meeting and doing things with neighbors - and what is a better excuse for that than a party? <:) ~

(Plus, who else is ready to get out of the house for fun but not really looking forward to commuting to do it? ;) )

See The Why of the Block Party for more.

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Map of Kitsap Peninsula and Therabouts (KPaT), made technicolor and blocky

Where is KPaT?

KPaT, or Kitsap Peninsula and Thereabouts, is an area in Washington state. It includes the Kitsap Peninsula from tip to tail, nearby islands and sundry areas (within a resource sharing reasonable distance) thereabouts.